Tamika Abaka-Wood

Another Londoner in Brooklyn. Co-created, designed, lead and landed 180+ research, insight + cultural strategy projects for 12+ years across 50+ cities globally. Select clients include: Nike, LEGO, Masterclass, NOCTA, Beats by Dre, Clinique + Shea Moisture. Qualitative Research teeth cut at Ruby Pseudo - working in the business from 2008-2012. Brand + Business Strategy teeth cut at B+A - working in and on the business from 2014-2024. 
Seeing from the inside-out.
Imagining from the outside-in.
Critical cultural work. 
Shifting perspectives. 
Practising our ways into our futures. 
Anthropological methods.

Plantain Papers.

Lifeworks: ❶ Club Night Creator ❷ Neuroscience PhD Research Assistant❸ Choreographer ❹ Cultural Anthropologist ❺  Brand Strategist ❻ Guest-Lecturer ❼ Clinical Psych Assistant ❽ So Far...